Saturday, 16 August 2014

African Flower Obsession

Over the last few months I have developed a small obsession, Africa flowers.
I started by making a few by way of a stash buster. I used a pattern from Simply Crochet magazine but you can find plenty on the internet

They grew and grew

But joining them, well that was another matter, I just couldn't decide,  I joined, then ripped back again and again

  so instead I just kept making other projects, and looking at them every so often

Then I had the daft idea to start another…..

so I made more….

and more….

Eventually I had something approaching 350 individual flowers

Now I have two joined and have begun to join the third

Well I have laid them out at least

And believe it or not I have started planning a fourth. I cannot deny it, I am addicted to African flowers


  1. it is stunning..................mmm should I go for African flower when I have finished my current throw in solid granny sq , oh, and then the blue baby blanket.....we will see

    1. Tricia they are not the fastest make, but they do look gorgeous

  2. Beautiful, I love how the African flowers look (though I've yet to crochet any myself). Jean

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  3. The colors you used take my breath away. Simply spectacular.!

  4. thank you, I seldom wear anything but black, so get my colour fix in yarn

  5. Hi.I want to make an African Flower blanket.I would love to make it just like yours,If you will let me.Would you tell me what type yarn you used?The color way is wonderful.The tourqoise.
    Can I ask you why you decided on crème or tan to crochet them together instead of the white?Thank you very much.If youd rather email me my e-mail is again.

  6. So talented I love your work thank you